About the artist

Vincent Thomas Callahan grew up near Dallas, Texas, after traveling around with his family for their father’s work for his first few years. He recalls two formative experiences which strongly influenced the direction of his work and the creation of his art.

“My 4th grade class took a field trip to the local movie theater in Wayzata, Minnesota, when I was nine years old and the movie was ‘The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams.’ I remember thinking life couldn’t be any cooler than to live in the mountains with a pet bear….that started my fascination with the American frontier.” About a year later, at home in Texas, Vince remembers, “I ordered from an ad in the back of my dad’s Popular Mechanics magazine—2 buffalo nickels and an Indian head penny, for a dollar!” That began a lifelong interest in rare coins and collecting.

After attending North Texas State University (now the University of North Texas) in Denton, he had a chance to work in Paris (France, not Texas) where he developed a keen interest in antiques, visual arts, and architecture. When he returned to the U.S. after 2 years, he started an art & antiques business featuring paintings, bronzes, rugs, furniture, porcelain, glass and silver. He began to focus on and specialize in American Aesthetic Movement silver from about 1875 to 1890 and developed his expertise in and through the Arts & Crafts Movement of the early 20th century.

Vince’s love of copper work comes from his appreciation of pieces by a particular artisan whose name was Joseph Heinrichs, working from about 1897 into the 1920’s. Little is known about the man outside the body of unsigned, hand-wrought pieces he left behind and some signed commercial hotelware, for which a catalogue still exists from 1927. None of Heinrichs’ work seems to extend beyond that period. Vince became an expert in identifying Heinrichs’ pieces and he both collects and deals in them. His experience and understanding of Heinrichs’ work have helped him become expert at restoring it as well.

Callahan’s pieces incorporate concepts and elements of Heinrichs’ style as well as appropriating forms from many different sources which, when used in his work, have evolved very much into his own unique style. He combines vintage materials, found objects, his knowledge of collecting and appreciation of antique silver, coins, hand-hammered and cast metals--and draws from all of these--to create and produce his finely executed works.

The current inventory includes boxes and humidors, frames, mirrors, candlesticks, napkin rings, wine coasters, ice buckets, clocks, letter openers and other desktop pieces, cuffed bracelets, and small furniture. He is starting some larger works—large mirrors are a particular challenge. A vintage Arts & Crafts oak mantle with an Indian scene covered in hammered and stitched copper, ancient arrowheads, and other elements that will only be determined as the work progresses is his particular dream to complete.

Created by Vince himself, every piece is essentially one-of-a-kind.

boxes & humidors





letter openers

mirrors & frames